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Get Healthy With Me !!!!

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You Guys! I am so so soooo excited about sharing what I eat with you! I have been experimenting lately so now that I have a few great dishes under my belt I’m juiced! lol ! The food you’ll see are Vegan/ Vegetarian friendly! For the holidays I went vegetarian ( I love Mac & Cheese / Egg Nog ) lol. I’ll be gradually adding to this list so for now here are a few dishes I made as well as a few of my favorite places to eat :)

This is a recipe I created myself. I tasted a salad very similar and was so in love that I decided to come home and try it myself! This is seriously so so soooo good & flavorful . I bought all ingredients from a local farmer's market !

Lemon garlic kale bean salad

1 - Bundle of Kale

1-  Bundle of Parsley

1-  Bundle of Green onion

2-  Fresh Garlic Cloves

1-  Lemon

1-  Can of Garbanzo Beans

Salt & Pepper

Olive Oil

Cooking instructions

*Preheat oven to 400 Degrees // Drain Beans // Add beans to large bowl

* Dice Garlic cloves & add to bowl // Dice 2 pieces of onion add to bowl //

* Add 2 Tbs of Olive oil , Salt , and pepper to bowl // ( Salt & Pepper to your liking )

* Stir all ingredients // Pour on baking sheet // Bake for 10 - 12 Min.

* Dice ½ of Kale // Dice ⅓ of Parsley // Add to same mixing bowl you mixed beans in.

* Squeeze Full lemon on top of Kale & Parsley // Add 2 tbsp. Olive Oil // salt & pepper.

( season to liking )

* Mix together

* Pull out beans from oven ( Should look roasted , Not too dry )

* Add beans to salad // Mix // Enjoy

Only costs about $7 to make and is made in about 15 minutes :))





Quinoa / cauliflower / spinach salad

Bag of Quinoa

1 - Can of Garbanzo beans

1- Head of Cauliflower

1- Bundle of Spinach

⅓  - Bundle of Parsley

Salt // Pepper // Olive Oil

Cooking Instructions

*Cook Quinoa according to instructions on packaging. ( I use vegetable broth for my flavor instead of water :) )

* Drain beans // Cut cauliflower off stems // add both to a large bowl // Toss in 2 tbs of olive oil , salt , pepper ( season to your liking ) Bake on 400 Degrees on large baking pan 12-15 minutes

* Sautee spinach & Parsley in light olive oil ( about 1 tsp ) COOK LIGHTLY - Season with salt & pepper

* Put cooked Quinoa in large bowl // Add roasted beans & Cauliflower // Add Cooked spinach

Mix & Enjoy !!!!

These are my FAVORITE tacos! Before going vegan I was like OMG but what about my chicken tacos! Welp ! I found them & they are vegan !!!! These are from the vegan joint in Culver City. Made out of Tofu . Now, I don’t eat Tofu often at all but when I do it's well worth it !

This is a great breakfast for my vegetarians! Yum Yum - Three Bean huevos Rancheros from BLD in Los Angeles, CA . I love me some beans and this is full of it ! Great hangover breakfast for sure lol!!!

Spicy Beans & Quinoa

Ingredients :

Bag of quinoa

1- Fresh Tomato

2- Garlic Cloves

½ - Bundle of Cilantro

1- Can of Beans ( Your preference I use kidney beans here )

1- Green Bell Pepper

½ - White Onion

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

Cooking Instructions :

*Cook Quinoa according to packaging instructions

* Heat 1 tbs. Of Vegetable Oil

* Mince  ALL ingredients & sautee in pan

* Flavor With Salt & Pepper to taste


Hope You guys Enjoy!!!

Xo - Fee



Celsius + Empowering Workouts !

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Heyyyyy! So many of you have seen me post this new drink called Celsius on my instagram page before my workouts. I love this drink so much and I wanted to share it with everyone so you can get familiar with this product. I get asked a lot of questions so here goes all the answers. Before I do my own review, I want to share some brief details on it. 

"Celsius uses green tea and other natural ingredients to boost your metabolism by up to 12%* and speed up fat oxidation, that is, the process of converting fat into energy. This produces thermogenesis, making calorie burning more effective when you exercise. Best of all, Celsius is also a negative calorie beverage, so you get to put that little minus symbol on your calorie counting records. It’s perfect for those on weight loss programs as it helps break the barrier of the weight loss plateau. Even if you aren’t looking to lose weight, you’ll gain the energy you need to maintain the momentum in your healthy lifestyle" - Celsius

Now with all that good stuff being said, lets jump into my weight lose journey. Once I had the baby, I looked down and said " how am I going to lose this 60 lbs. that I gained!?" I was so  nervous but instead of hiding out, I started working out with my friends and they encouraged me to do it! I would do weekly workouts such as; Soul Cycle , Modo Yoga, Hot 8 Yoga, Hiking, Gym, circuit training and my latest obsession is running using my Nike App. (The nike app is really fun because you're keeping track of your run and always trying to beat your last record.) Ok so I lost 50lbs. but that last 10 was the hardest to get off! Thats when I started drinking celsius. I was meeting up to workout with my girlfriend Caroline and she asked me "have you tried this drink?" I saw it before but I didn't have the chance to pick one up yet. I follow Russell Simmons on instagram and I figured " well, we have similar lifestyles, I should give it a try" from then I fell in love lol. I lost my last 10lbs. of weight recently and I do think it has a lot to do with my eating lifestyle which is vegan as well as celsius, the balance of all these things put together. I have a lot more energy when working out and the 100 calories you burn from just drinking it before your workout is such a perk! I literally power through my workouts and I don't want to stop lol! Its funny actually lol! 

My girlfriends and I get together 1-2 times a week to workout, we drink our celsius and catch up before working out. I think having friends to encourage you and workout with you on a weight lose journey is such a blessing! My friend Mariah is a yoga instructor and runs, than Caroline is a beast with the workout classes and is an amazing actress. We always get together and make one another feel powerful with planting seeds of encouragement while staying fit and healthy. We keep one another on our toes in every area and work through the hard and celebrate the good. Always keeping Mind, Body, and spirit in alignment!! We will be doing " Empowerment workouts" for women soon so keep your eyes peeled :) I think everyone women should experience the bond we have when working towards greatness with women who have your back! 

We all enjoy wearing nike women clothing while working out. For moms, trying to lose their baby weight, I recommend using their high waisted pants because your workout will be a lot more comfortable. It will hold in your baby gut which takes time to disappear!!!

I hope this post encourages someone to get healthy and have fun doing so! Give Celsius a try and let me know what you think :) Also, tag @Celsiusoffical on instagram and help them recognize our post !!!! Here is a quick video on what my girls and I do when working out enjoy :) 

All video & Photography By: Chris Paul Thompson


Xo - Fee

M.I.N.D OFF, Ice Cream ON !

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Owwweeee I'm vibin while writing this post right now. Eryaku badu " Window Seat" causing my cranium to bob back and fourth. Her music does something to my soul. Oldie but goodie ( inserts prayer hands ) 


Ok so I thought it would be appropriate to always start my entries with what I am going through followed by what Peace and I did for the day. I mean, I am still Fee but I am also a mom... Even though we were at the ice cream shop doesn't mean that I wasn't having my own personal thoughts as a human being. Moms have their lives too lol . People tend to forget that, especially the mamas that have independence burning at their core.

One thing about being a young"er" mom is that you are kind of forced to figure yourself out. Well not necessarily forced but if willing and open to change the shit comes super fast! Right when I thought I had it all figured out, I swear I found out I knew nothing lol. The journey of life has many emotions attached to it. Many trials, blessings, a mix of things. Having a child  forces me to look in the mirror and mold myself and my life how I would want it to be. What truly makes me happy? What are some things I can get rid of? What should I practice for balance? What are some childhood problems  I may still need to face now that I have my own child? Its all a journey and I am constantly reminded that. One thing I am learning is to be patient on this damn thing lol. Just being in the moment as much as possible. Doing lots of cool artsy stuff and just trying to get out of my own way! Lets do this together :) 


On this day Peace Bear and I went to one of my favorite ice cream spots! Sweet Rose Creamery While I was pregnant I ate here very often. Maybe too often lol. Shit, 60lbs later I started to roll my eyes at this place whenever I drove by lmbo. The evolution of a human is hard to wrap my mind around. One day Im feeding my baby ice cream through an umbilical cord, than 11 months later, I am feeding her the same ice cream from a spoon. Im a deep thinker if you haven't been able to tell ha!


 Peace loved this place! So much to were her little butt got a brain freeze as you can see lol! The flavors are amazing! We had coconut flavor, so creamy and fresh! They make their own ice cream which is really cool. The setting is super cute, they are family friendly so it was nice to see Peace scream at the other kids trying to get their attention. So friendly lol! Great way to cool down being that LA has been insanely hot lately! Park across the street if you even want to just stroll after. Try as many samples as you want ( vegan options too ;)) Sometimes when Im in my mind too much getting away to get ice cream eases me. Pay attention to things that lower your stress levels and do more of that. Thank for swinging by :))

Xoxo - Fee

Photography : Chris Paul Thompson


" Figuring out Me "

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Hi Everyone!


Man oh man, its been a minute, but it feels good to be inspired artistically and just open to create again. It took me a while to grasp motherhood but I'm learning and growing everyday. So much has happened since I've last blogged. I mean, to be honest with you, I wasn't inspired at all. I was in a funk, pretty much the whole year. Ya know, I was just trying to get it together after having a baby. It was very difficult for me mentally. I needed to just step away for a moment and figure out what I wanted out of life as well as what made me happy. I had to figure out who the heck this new woman was. Right when you think you have all the answers, you realize you actually don't. Funny how that seems to always happen lol. For the moms out there who are maybe going through an identity crisis and maybe uncomfortable in their own skin I am here to encourage you to hang on tight! Just know that whatever you're going through, in your journey, is always going to be ok. Don't go against the grain as I did for so long, embrace change. Keeping in the forefront of your mind that through every struggle a blessing is sure to come up! I have been creating some amazing things and I have to say it feels great but is also a little tough at times because I have the baby. Happy to be back and anxious to inspire those around me ! I'm not letting anything get in my way and even if you don't have a child, I encourage you to have the same attitude. 


On this day, Peace and I decided we wanted to do a photo shoot at this cool temple in Malibu,California , sadly it was closed :( Being the optimistic person I am, I decided to stop at the beach on the way back to the city! Peace has never been and I was so anxious to see her reaction to the sand, water, and animals! Malibu is a great beach, very clean, I always see dolphins and wales which is the reason a sista only dips her feet in lol! I was wearing my super cool pants from Durban, South Africa that had a zipper in the front like a built in fanny pack! Love love these pants!  Peace was dressed in her cute little  dress from Mexico ( Thanks Tìo Ralph) we were all cultured lol! Being that I have been traveling a lot for work, I like to buy really cool clothes for Peace and I, I'm thinking about making a memory box for her filled with all the shirts I buy her from each city/state/country ! I've always wanted to travel so its a treat for me to be able to bring stuff back!!!! Enjoy our beach moment and thanks for visiting :) 


Photography By : Chris Paul Thompson




Perseverance ... In ALL You Do !

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Well well well, 

This is a topic that I have been working with in my own life and I realize its a necessity to reach the goals you want out of life. Perseverance in my relationships, being a mother, the best one I can be at that. Perseverance in getting back into shape and eating healthy, perseverance in yoga and fighting though the poses. Perseverance means to keep going, through whatever it is you're fighting through, keep fighting and win the battle of your mind. Everything you're going through is temporary and once you realize that in your mind, it makes it a bit easier to hang on tight through the ride. Life gets hard for us all but how are you perceiving it? Do things that make you happy to get you through a rough season and thank the creator in advance for getting you through tough times. 


Peace & Blessings

Xo- Fee ....

Peace of Mind for Moms

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Peace of mind for a mom :

As a mother, a new mother, peace of mind and balance is probably one of the things I am personally struggling with until today. I'm sure other moms feel the same way I feel, like the only one trying to find balance/quiet time. 

My little family just moved into a new home and I'm loving it! Work is kind of slow but I use that as an opportunity to create other things in my life which build towards the future. Also using this as time to spend with Peace. Recently I became a vegan ( which I will be sharing in a separate post) but I went vegan to tap into a higher power of myself within myself. I was seeking clarity. Clarity for steps towards my future but proper, diligent steps. 

With that being said, I notice my life shifting, everything is shifting. It is sometimes really crazy to think about but I know it is for a great reason. Not only are the people in my life shifting, but work and my aspirations are shifting drastically. I am extremely creative, which is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes too creative that it drives me crazy lol. With all of these shifts going on in my life I started to feel a bit loopy(crazy). I frantically organized the house today and finished unpacking the last couple of boxes so that I could get the vibes going within the new house. 

Oh yea, I forgot to mention, Peace is teething so finding balance seemed almost impossible lol. Like I was saying, I organized the house, lite my candles and nag Champa and told myself to listen to the voice that kept telling me "meditate, be still, don't be hard on yourself, meditate." 

As a mother, it's hard for us to get that quiet time and the chance to turn everything off. So as soon as I put Peace to bed, I turned off the lights quickly and turned on my meditation music and sat in the vibe for 20 minutes. Man oh man, what a weight off my shoulders. Just feeling calm and at Peace. 

I say all of this to encourage us mothers to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. Make sure we make quiet time for ourselves so we can be better parents and we can also have patience for our little ones. Being the best person we can be. Not even the best mother because before we were mothers we were people, our own individual and we can't forget that. We have to make that person so powerful. The world will break you down but God made us women for a reason. We are the back bone. So keep in mind mamas, take time for yourself and turn everything off. Treat yourself to the gift of stillness.

Peace and Blessings
Xoxo- Fee

Must Haves !!!

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Happy Monday Everyone !!!!

Ok so these are some things I can NOT live without !!! Lets start from left to right. Hopefully something here interests you ....

First and foremost how could I live without my computer !? I mean I have to communicate with you guys so its definitely a must have! I have a super cute glitter case on it from my good friend Bri <- Click on her name to see all her cases! I have my IT Cosmetics CC+ cream, idk how I ever survived without this! It makes my skin so much more healthier but still covers very well ! Tarte Gifted mascara one of my FAVS ! The little green bullet is a new thing I was introduced to from my cousin Ryane. Its an essential oil called Young Living, this one in particular is called stress away. You rub it on your wrist and it is an all natural substance that calms you and the stress you are carrying. GREAT product!!! Omega Woman vitamins ! Postpartum mamas this is for us ! I was having trouble with getting my emotions and hormones in balance right after having Peace. I noticed I was becoming depressed. I went into whole foods to find something that was all natural and I cam across these. Fish oil pills that actually help! They also make your skin look FLAWLESS! I recommend these to all woman who have problems emotionally which has to do with hormones! These saved my life and are all natural! I purchased them from WholeFoods. I've had an obsession lately with cream liner in my water line so I carry this puppy with me! Its called "Rue Bonaparte" 12 hr wear. Amazing from Nars . Of course I can't forget my favorite lip combo "Plum" lip pencil from MAC with FAUX lipstick LOVE these two together . Business cards are always a must have you never know who you'll run into. Especially if my makeup is poppin people ask for cards! Be your own walking advertisement! Pacifier stays in every pocket hahah! Last but not least Honest diapers and wipes for baby Peace!!!

Thanks for tuning in this week! 

Xoxo- Fee

Fashionable Mom

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As a new mom to a 3 month old, I found a love for dressing up. My style has changed a bit and I am loving the new me! This is what I call my “ laid back business” look, perfect for winter! I am wearing a long peacoat from Forever 21 (I recommend getting one size up for comfort around the shoulders.) My shoes are from TopShop, a nice trendy boot to add a touch of “sass” to the outfit. I made sure to wear my FAVORITE high waisted jeans from American Apparel. Love these pants so much especially being that I still have my postpartum tummy it holds it all in so you can stand tall and walk with confidence. Simple white V neck shirt from GAP (extremely comfy) and last but not least, simple dainty necklaces from Forever21. Hope you enjoy!!


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What a great year 2014 was !!! A year of learning while pressing forward towards goals. I think 2014 helped me in a sense of having clearer visions for myself. No more foggy visions, which means I am only getting closer to the goals I am striving to accomplish. One thing I swear by is a vision board. I use my vision board to keep me on track to what it is I am trying to accomplish. You can use it for short term goals or long term goals. What I usually recommend is start with short term goals so that you don't feel overwhelmed. Watch the Video and I will explain to you how to create your vision board for the year of 2015!!!

Happy New Year LoveLights !!

Xoxo- Fee La Tour 

Moms Supporting Moms: Product Review (Small Business)

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I love supporting & being a working mom! My mom was a hard worker so to be able to help other moms that are working hard is fun & energizing. I have two brands I want to share with you. Both are mom's who are passionate about their hand crafted products which are fantastic!

First let me introduce you to "The Balm Company". My good friend Alex Elle is an author, speaker, and natural mama. With the help and inspiration from her daughter Char, Alex decided to create an all natural,handmade,VEGAN product line for the body. I am obsessed with all of the products I received. I love the fact that it is organic because I am really big on using products that are organic ONLY as well as for baby Peace. My favorite is ummmmm everything lol. I love the  lip balm, flower oil, and Baby Bump. All smell amazing and Im actually using the Baby Bump for my stretch marks after having Peace. Keeps my skin hydrated. There is coconut oil in the ingredient and it does have to be placed in the microwave for about 1 min to become looser to your liking. When using pure coconut oil you will notice it is hard so keep this in mind. Thanks so much Alex & Char !!! Get your product here : TheBalmCo Be sure to visit them on Instagram as well : @TheBalmCo 

Next, I want to introduce you to Chompy Chic Jewlery! This is another great product from a fellow mom that knows babies needs. Ok, Ive seen several teething toys but a Peace sign for baby Peace to chew on is too cute! Peace has nothing that contains BPA so being that these tethers are BPA FREE made me happy. They have these little wooden beads on the teething toy and I was a little concerned because I didn't want her sucking on wood but once I found out they are coated in organic Beeswax that made me happy. Peace is only 3 1/2 months and is already going through teething so she tries her best to put the toy in her mouth lol. We love your product Sonia and wish you the best of luck on your venture ! Take one to your next baby shower as a gift or get one for your baby here: ChompyChic 


Peace & blessings

Xoxo - Fee La Tour 

Why are you getting me vaccinated mommy?

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One of the hardest decision was deciding to get Peace vaccinated or not. I would go back and fourth within my thoughts like a ping pong ball trying to make the "right" decision.  "What if I vaccinate her and something goes wrong?" or "What if everything goes completely right?" So many questions going through my brain it was overwhelming. 

As a parent, all we want to do is try and make the right choices for our children. We want to  be perfect in an imperfect world. Realistically there is no such thing. The night before me taking Peace to her doctors appointment, I researched until about 4am. During my pregnancy I spoke to my OBGYN about her opinion as well as other moms that I trusted. One thing I noticed is some mothers force their opinion on you. Most with a one sided answer which isn't easy on new moms trying to make a hard decision.  Other kids and people do carry around sicknesses that can lead to death being that our babies are so small. I didn't want to take that risk. I also didn't want to deal with schools having an issue because she wasn't vaccinated. I went with what felt right and what spoke to me. 

I decided to go through with the vaccinations. I made the decision off of faith and intuition. Everyone will give you their opinion but at the end of the day it comes down to your decision. Its your child and you have to learn to listen to your decrement within. I am an organic advocate lol. Peace uses organic EVERYTHING and I have no problem with being the OCD mom. I went through with the vaccines because I wasn't willing to have my child be exposed to the risks of not having her vaccinated (sickness etc.) It doesn't make sense to me to inject a fresh human body with chemicals but when you add the fact that the world DOES have diseases and sicknesses floating around, you might look at it differently. 

When its all said and done, pray, ask those whom you trust for their opinion, talk to a doctor and weight out the pros and cons. FAITH is what had me move forward with my decision and Peace is as healthy and happy as can be!


I don't believe in giving her OR myself the flu shot and I do believe in spreading out vaccines so it doesn't overwhelm their little bodies. 


Peace & Blessings

XoXo- Fee La Tour 

12 Weeks Postpartum / How's mommy hood?

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We are almost to our 3 month mark with baby Peace and I have to admit, she's the BEST thing that has ever happen to me! She will be 12 weeks on Christmas and time is flyinggggg by. It makes no sense how quickly they grow. 

Being a mom has opened my eyes so much. I am able to be a teacher and a student, I am able to know what unconditional love is, I am able to see someone smile for absolutely no reason at all. You get so excited about the littlest things i.e.: "OMG she smiled!" or "She rolled over!" It takes everything back to its simplest form and its such a blessing to be apart of learning  some new tools all over again. 

My work life is going pretty good. I honestly don't have an OFF button when it comes to work so I went back only 3 weeks after having Peace. Now that I am 12 weeks into being a mom, I am going to try and ease up a bit on work. I am realizing the importance of allowing my body to heal (mentally, spiritually, physically) properly  takes time. It took 9 months to create this little person and I had to be told 1,000 times "take it easy Fee!' I recently had a really big emotional breakdown just from being overwhelmed and I pulled the plug finally telling myself to rest.

A lot of moms to be ask me "did you go through that postpartum depression thing?" HA! Ya damn right I did. It isn't fun. I still notice myself having moments of feeling down and weary but I make sure I deal with those emotions and vent to someone I know loves me. It isn't an easy thing. Your body is trying to figure out how to be "normal" again. Just like my mother-in-law tells me "don't be so hard on yourself, your body needs time."

Peace is my little best friend, I am so thankful for her! She gives me a hunger and fire within that nobody else could have ever done. She has like magical powers of me lol, I am sooooo in love!!! She goes everywhere with me and just keeps me on my toes. She lovesssss people and loves to smile. She just learned how to get peoples attention by her oohhh's & Ahhhh's its amazing! 

I can now say I know what a mothers love feels like. Its been 12 weeks and everything still seems so surreal. I love the good, bad, and ugly because who would I really be if it was only always good. For the parents who aren't in your children's life, let me be the first to tell you, YOU ARE CRAZY! Don't let another day slip away without being with your little one. Nurture them like you would a plant, feed them, love them, read them. Its a beautiful thing and I am so excited to see what this next 12 weeks brings!

Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo- Fee 

Mommy love you Peace-Marie <3



Manifesting GREATNESS : Jhenè Aiko story

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I had to share this story with you guys ! This is something that can affect everyone being that it is a motivational / inspirational thing that can give you hope and perseverance . 

At 7 months pregnant I remember driving down the street and having this random feeling . I called my fiancé and said " Babe , I am going to do Jhenè Aiko's makeup . I know that my hand can create what she wants and I think she will appreciate my artistry / style ." I claimed it and moved on with my day . 

Now ,  a lot of people don't know this but I was in a makeup funk of not wanting to be an artist anymore . I wanted to just curl up in a ball and throw my brushes to the waste side . I was wanting something more and wanted to give up . Well they tell you when you feel like giving up , KEEP GOING ! Usually its the " enemy " trying to make it to where you can't receive your blessing . I stood strong , I would call my sister and cry and tell her I want to quit and just go back to school . I am mentally & physically tired and I want to be left alone . With that being said , I would still go out and bless people with feeling beautiful and exchange energy because my spirit wouldn't allow me to stop . Something was whispering " keep going , its not over ..." 

Hanging on when you feel you've given your all is sometimes very draining . If you hear that little voice encouraging you , I encourage you to keep on going like its suggesting . I continued to hang on and the unimaginable happened . That thing that was telling me to hang on was for a reason. I get a phone call from Jhenès team and they wanted me to do makeup for her music video . I looked at my phone and laughed because I remember about 5 months prior I was saying I want to work with this soul ! Not only is she talented but her spirit , her spirit is AWAKE and alert . A lot of people can understand what I mean by that and others may think I am speaking another language lol . 

The day comes where I have to do her makeup and I wasn't nervous , I knew I was suppose to be there and I knew my spirit was comfortable and ready to express itself . We exchange energy and I tell her the same story that I am sharing with you and she laughs . We keep working on more projects and creating . Last  night , as I was getting her ready for her show in Los Angeles , CA . I was excited and just kept playing that moment when I called my fiancé and claimed what I wanted and what my soul was trying to tell me . 

I am looking at this soul on stage perform and express herself with a crowd full of people who are able to relate and exchange feelings , emotions , and energy . Her band plays their instruments doing their souls purpose and everyone is vibe'n'.   As I look up at her perform I can't help but tell God " thank you " very softly under my breath . Working closely with someone who knows them self and they touch so many souls on a spiritual level is an amazing thing . 

I am sharingl this in hopes to inspire someone . ANYTHING is achievable , but you have to be willing to take risks & hustle extremely hard . My social life comes 4th in line to everything . You can ask all my friends , they know that my work is my everything along with my family and they respect it . It takes sacrifice and perseverance with a whole lot of powerful prayers and thinking clearly / positive. Its not a trend , its a lifestyle that I encourage everyone to take part of . There is power in working on yourself and bringing to life all your dreams . You HAVE to start with working on who you are as a person . Thats how the game goes . Doing makeup , I get to make people feel pretty but I love doing makeup to meet other spirits , thats what keeps me inspired . Its a blessing and I am forever grateful for this life journey I am on . 

Thank you to everyone who supports me & Thank you Jhenè & her team ! 

Peace & Blessings 

Xoxo - Fee La Tour 

Getting in Shape after a baby ... UGH !

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Welllll my doctor said " Felicia , make sure you stay within the 25-30 lb. weight gain bracket . Pssss who was she fooling ? I gained a full 50 LBS. YIKES ! So much for staying within my bracket Dr. Patterson lol. I knew I was going to have work to do to get back to what I was before the baby if not close. I browsed through photos of me before the pregnancy and I was so skinny I almost feel like I looked sick lol . 5'8 & 128 lbs. Eghh too small . 

One thing about having a baby is you literally turn into another women . All of the sudden I have a big O'L booty  & hips . Looking back in the mirror like " danggggg girl ! " haha ! Only problem is mama needs some tightening & lifting . I'm a very busy person so I have to eat right as well as do exercises at home . I am slowly but surely getting back into working out but eating right is the 1st factor .

I am on a no carb diet until I lose the weight I desire which I have lost 38lbs. of the 50 so I am making LOTS of progress . I am drinking a lot of water and staying away from sugar drinks . Eating clean is something I am focusing on and just trying to get back into the swing of things . My workout routine is simple for right now . 

250 Abs, 50 Push Ups, 60 day squat challenge, 100 lunges . This week I am adding cardio which is including running & Yoga . As you can see , I use my newborn for a weight . She is with me all the time so I figured she can help me with getting back into shape . I mean , she did help me gain 50 lbs. lol . 

I am excited to share this workout challenge with you ladies and hope some of you moms join me in this journey ! Lets keep one another accountable and lose this baby weight ! 


Peace & Blessings 

XoXo- Fee La Tour 

Mommy on the go makeup tutorial

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This tutorial is dedicated to those moms who just seem to have no time to get ready in the morning :) 5 minute get ready tutorial even though I said 10-15 I challenged myself and pushed it to the limit . You can too !!! 


Peace & Blessings

Xoxo - Fee La Tour 

MUST haves right after giving birth

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Right after giving birth I began to learn a few things about myself and my new body . First , I had to accept my new body for what it is right now and just simply work on getting it back to what it was . Leaving anxiety to the side I began operation " snap back" just a day after labor . 

First, My stomach was all over the place . My uterus was nice and swollen still so It still looked like I had a baby in there.  I was advised by many mothers that it was important for me to breast feed to shrink my uterus , and WRAP my stomach night and day . I purchased a " Belly Bandit ." At first It didn't fit due to my uterus being super swollen still . I took an ace bandage and wrapped myself in that for the first 2 days. Soon after the Belly Bandit fit . I ordered a size small because I am determined to get back to my pre pregnancy size lol ! So far so good with the band, I am shrinking very fast and I am also making sure I am eating as clean as possible  to help me . I don't want to diet being that I am breast feeding and it eliminates so many calories I want my baby to be nice and healthy so I probably need to eat more food but its all a matter of what I am putting in my mouth . 

Lots of my weight has been water weight that literally just falls off . If you are pregnant and reading this, DRINK LOTS OF WATER . Not only to ease your swollen body while prego but to help the weight slip of right after . It is day 4 after birth and I have already lost 15 pds . I am making sure I     am drinking nothing but water and herbal tea which brings me to my next point . 

While in the hospital , most woman don't produce milk yet . Your body only has  colostrum so your baby will feed on that until it comes out . My baby would cry out in hunger pains because my milk took 4 days to start coming so I had to drink " mother milk " tea. This tea is a lifesaver !!! As a new mom , everything is new . You want to be able to do everything right and you want to be able to make your baby happy . I was so sad when I could hear my babies hunger cries . I ended up giving her my boob for the colostrum but I would also give her organic formula from whole foods called " natures best ". The Mother milk helped so much . I drink about 3 cups of it a day to help me get the milk down and poppin for my little one . 

Another Tea that I use is " Monthly comfort tea" , this is a good healing tea for my insides being that I had a baby living in me for 9 months . Everything is out of wack lol ! Vitamin D I give to the baby ( add a drop on my boob before breast feeding ) . My doctor recommended it and says they recommend all moms who breast feed to . 

These are all things that I needed asap after giving birth on top of a positive attitude . I'll keep you posted on my belly bandit / snap back journey regularly :) 

Peace & Blessings 

XoXo - Fee La Tour